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Frick. My life has been pretty hectic. I'm pulling your damn leg.

My family and I threw my dad a surprise birthday party last weekend. He's 50. 
I got my passport Thursday. Picture looks like a mugshot.
I might have a job.
Gangsta's anime adaption is fucking amazing.
Amelia Con 2016

So let's start.

I'm going on a cruise in September for a week. I'm SO damn excited, but at the same time, I'm scared of water. Let's see how this works out LELEL. IT'S GOING TO TAKE EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING NOT TO MAKE A DAMN ONE PIECE JOKE THE ENTIRE TIME I'M ON THE FUCKING BOAT. I will fail you father. I am sorry. I read somewhere that they have an arcade and they have Tekken. 
I'm going shopping soon for some clothes. I'm getting a Legend of Zelda dress. REALLY PRETTY. And I'm still debating on whether or not I should get a bathing suit. I don't look good in bikini's, and that's all I can find that I'd actually wear. (Except for the Naruto one, but that thing is so fucking ugly, and it makes me laugh.) Still debating though. And since I'm going to the Western Caribbean and I'm an anxiety ridden gargoyle, I'm trading in my purse for a cinch bag so it'll be a lot harder to steal stuff, and A LOT harder to lose and forget. TBH, the best thing about the cruise is going to be the buffet. And all the cute BOYS. I'm just kidding. Though, I am really looking forward to it. By then I'll probably have my Xenoblade 3ds, AT LEAST I HOPE, so I can play deh gaaaaames. Bad thing is though, I'm bunking with my cousin and she likes it completely quiet when she sleeps, and dark. Because of some...Stories, and recent happenings that's been going on in my life, I honestly cannot sleep in the dark and silence. She's gonna have a bad time lel. Hopefully we'll be able to come to an agreement about it, rather than have her get pissy at me. She's a very stubborn person, as am I, but she's HELLA worst. Hopefully I'll come home with no broken arms. 

I might have a job- BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. WHAT'S IMPORTANT IS GANGSTA. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGSTA. -SLAPS MY OWN ASSCHEEKS- I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN ON HOW MUCH I LOVE THE ANIME. My only real complaint is that they're leaving out a lot of the comedy aspect to the manga the Kohske tried so hard to add. Kohske actually complained a few times about the adaption. Most of her complaints weren't suppose to be taken seriously and were meant as a joke (hence the reason why she drew pictures of Nic and Marco being thrown in jail) But I love Kohske. She's a kind person, with a good heart and an AMAZING sense of humor. She said that her story was dark and she wanted to add some comedy so that her readers can remember there's always a silver lining to things, and there's always light in the darkest tunnel. KOHSKE!? DID YOU MEAN ANGEL!? Eugh. I can talk about Gangsta all day tbh. The main theme is amazing. The ending theme is amazing. EUGH. I HATE HOW THEY SKIPPED OVER ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS THOUGH. In the manga Worick walks into the living room and asks Alex why she was sleeping on the couch (she sleeps in bed with him), in which she gets really mad and asks him "YOU DON'T REMEMBER!?" Nic then signs You were groping her in your sleep. I had to come in and save her. EUGH. I WOULD'VE LOVED TO SEE THEIR FACES ANIMATED IN THAT SCENE. OH WELL.

And Amelia Con. There's another one in Feb.2016, which I plan on going to with my baby brother. I'm going as Itachi Uchiha, and he's going as Sasuke Uchiha. The two of us are actually going out of our way for this. We've already started preparing now so I can avoid the last minute prep like last year lel. I might be going to the Friday even as Amethyst from Steven Universe or Rose Quartz from the same series. Still debating though. Both of those would be pretty easy cosplays to pull off with my body type. I've already started putting money away from my little brother so he can get the toys he wants. He's a good kid, he deserves it. Although, the kiddo is a little nervous cause I told him about the story I read on tumblr a while back. A WHILE BACK. A girl dressed as Sasuke Uchiha (I believe she dressed as Sasuke after the Itachi Pursuit arc.) But anyway, a few girls who hated Sasuke followed that girl around, and when the girl was waiting for her friends, the girls following her literally beat the shit out of her and took her purse. He's terrified the same will happen to him (cause some con goers are fucking insane, and I know some of them aren't above beating children.) As Itachi Fucking Uchiha, I'm not gonna let anyone touch him. You want a picture with baby Uchiha? You're gonna have to go through big sister first. I only have two reasons why I'm going this year. Not because I had fun last year, but because I need more figurines, and my brother is so excited about it, and I want him to have fun. After all, the con is a month after his birthday. If I do go to the Friday even as Amethyst, I'm going all out and making the whip as well. Amethyst is REALLY simple. Only problem I'll be experiencing is the purple skin, but I'm sure I can find the make up. 

That's it. 
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The anime adaption to Gangsta comes out tomorrow and HOLY FRICK. It looks good so far from the trailers I've seen so I have high hopes for it~
I hope they don't drag anything out for the sake of the franchise tbh. Just stay true to the manga pls. BUT SHIT. There's a lot for me to be excited about tbh. 
This story has such GREEEEAT characters. Worick is my favorite *heavily breathes* BUT ALEX. LET'S TALK ABOUT ALEX FOR A SEC. Every anime/manga I have seen/read, there's that REALLY ANNOYING ASS FEMALE CHARACTER THAT MAKES ME WANT TO GIVE UP THE SERIES. *cough hacks*Sakura*vomits* Buut, Alex is the contrary. Fuck. I love Alex so much. She might not have anything that makes her 'different' like Nic's sword fighting, and Worick's gun slinging, BUT SHIT MAN. ALEX IS FAR FROM USELESS. *dances*

Thank you :iconren-chin: for getting me hooked to this series. LIKE MAN. THIS IS GOOD. I love mafia stories, and this is something I go back and re-read. I've re-read this series 3 times. I need vol. 5, 6 and 7 to finish it. From what I know so far, vol.6 has not been released to the US yet, and vol.7 hasn't been translated, BUT MAN. *SLAPS ASSCHEEKS* I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS ANIME. 

Alex's voice actress is JUN KAZAMA. I CAN'T- *SCREAMS IN SPANISH*

But if you're looking for a series with actually INTERESTING characters, a nice, and addictive story line that keeps you coming back, then Gangsta is your story. I've never read a story where one of the main characters has AN ACTUAL DISABILITY. (Not fucking "Oh shit. My HORRIBLE PAST. I BURNT MY HAND IN HOT WATER. I CANNOT GO TO THE WATER. I AM TOO HOT WATER. HOT WATER FUCK. HOT WATER.") Nic is deaf and that MAKES HIM MORE LOVABLE AND I *flips the table then cooks a delicious meal* 

The magnitude of love I have for this series rivals that of Naruto. 
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I like to fancy myself a strong person. I slap a smile on my face when I'm sad, or make people laugh when I'm in tears. 
I can't do that anymore. And it hurts me so much to say that. 
I can't even smile for myself anymore. I feel as if my depression has taken it's toll on me, and now doing simple things like eating has become a chore.
I'll have these little happy moments, where I smile and laugh as if nothings wrong, and then I get alone and that's when shit hits the fan. 
Normally, I'd talk to a friend or something, but as of lately, I'm scared too. I'm scared to tell people my problems, or make them become involved. If I'm going down, I want to go alone. 
I love my friends so much, like family, but sometimes I feel as if I'm a burden to them. I feel like once I leave a room, or something, they all start talking about me. How I'm a bad friend, or how bad of a person I am in general. And that shit gets to you after a while. 
Overthinking has literally become my worst enemy. 
Even the little things that used to bring me so much joy like drawing, and listening to music just makes me feel depressed. Nothing has been going my way lately, and I sound selfish when I say that, but I just want one thing to go right. Just one? 
Ehh, I know things will...Get better eventually, but I don't know how much longer I can handle this. So much happens behind closed doors.
I don't really get a say in anything that happens to me now...And bad shit starts happening, I roll on my back and let it happen. There's literally no more fight left in me. 
I'll try and remain happy and upbeat for the friendo's...But I don't know what else I can do. 
Filthy Frank meme gonzalez by innogerard123
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My moon and stars by KyokoKazama
My moon and stars
Color palette-…

This is my oc Kisa. Started out as a doodle, but it turned into something. I really like how this came out uwu
I finally got my grubby hands on The Last of Us and lemme tell yah
This is a gorgeous game, gameplay and story wise. The only other game that I've ever played where I felt like I was watching a movie/show was The Walking Dead (telltale)

I really want to get a ps4 now so I can get the remake. The game is already beautiful, I want to see what it'll look like on the next gen. console. Eugh Eugh. Joel is my honey.
If you haven't played this game or seen a walk through of it, I suggest you do! If you don't like gore, or sad themes, then this game isn't the game for you. But it really is a work of art tbh.
I don't say that about a lot of games. 

Also, another game you can try playing, it's called One Chance. You can google it. It's free to play, but you literally only get one chance to play it. I've tried replaying it for a different ending, but it won't let me. Lol.
Again, if you don't like sad themes, don't play that game. 

Also, quick update, I got a job! If things go as planned, I start Tuesday or Wednesday of next week! ; uu; 
I've also been drawing a crap ton of Five Nights at Freddy's art. Cause I literally am trash lol. No Furries, I draw humanoid versions. That doesn't make it any better. 

Eugheugh. That's it. 
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